*    Structures in HCM
a.       Organizational Structures
b.      Enterprise Structure
c.       Personnel Structure

*    Organizational Management
a.       Concepts of OM

*    Personnel Administration
a.       Infotypes
b.      Personnel Actions
c.       Info type Maintenance
d.      Features: NUMKR / IGMOD
e.       Employee Attributes
f.        Hiring Process PA40
g.       HR Master Data PA30
h.      Integration between PA and OM

*    Recruitment
a.       Requirements of Recruitment
b.      Personnel Officer
c.       Medium for Recruitment
d.      Applicant Structure
e.       Applicant Selection
f.        Number Ranges
g.       Feature PINCH
h.      Integration Components
i.         Vacancy Assignments
j.         Hire Applicant PB40
k.       Transfer Data PA40

*    Payroll
a.       Introduction to Payroll Concepts
b.      SAP Payroll Concepts
c.       Payroll Prerequisites
d.      Organizing a Live Payroll Run
e.       Info type 0008
f.        Payscale types,Payscale areas,Payscale groups, Payscale levels\
g.       Wage Types- Components
h.      Remuneration Statements

*    Time Management
a.       Time Management Introduction
b.      Roles in Time Management
c.       Planned Working Time—0007
d.      Link between IT 0007 & IT 0008
e.       Payroll & Time Management IT’s
f.        Attendance & Absence Counting
g.       Attendance & Absence Quotas

*    Time Evaluation
a.       Compensatory Offs
b.      Overtime
c.       Schemas, PCR’s
d.      CATS

*    Personnel Development
a.       Components of Personnel Development

*    Benefits
a.       Benefit Area
b.      Benefit Providers
c.       Benefit Plans
d.      Benefit Parameters
e.       Other Related Features

*    Training & Event Management
a.       Training Programme Cost
b.      Training Programme Day & Timings
c.       Training Programme Business Event
d.      Training Programme Resources
e.       Attendance Booking
f.        Lock & Unlock

*    Compensation Management
a.       Overview of the Module
b.      Enterprise Compensation Management
c.       Budgeting
d.      Contents in Compensation Administration

*    Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service[ESS/MSS]
a.       Define Headers
b.      Define Age group pages
c.       Define Areas
d.      Define Services
e.       Info type View Indicator
f.        Create Rule Groups
g.       Quota Overview/Time Accounts
h.      Set Up Data Entry profiles
i.         Time Statement
j.         Team calendar
k.       Accessing Reports